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New recycled sorona fabrics of sports wear is beyond your imagination

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It's another summer season now!It's badly hot in strong sunshine but it's also passionate,attractive and wonderful.During thes days, we can try to enrich our social and healthy life by participating in all kinds of interesting outdoor activities such as:camping with friends and families,going to beach
or swimming at public pools,traveling and sightseeing locally and nationally.Especially for school kids and teenagers,it maybe their favorite time of the year since they can enjoy deeply their vacation!
And then, first of all, the suitable comfortable fashionable clothes is
very necessity!We company just can totally support it which is made of the latest recycled SORONA fabric!

Maybe you haven't learned much about us so far,so i introduce our company to you firstly!
This is Wu Han Bizarre Sports Co.,LTD from China,a professional OEM/ODM sports wear manufacturer which has gotten customers from more than 50 countries and regions for 15+ years.
To be brief,we are very specialized in knitted wear and woven wear partly, and the main product lines include t-shirt,polo,hoodies,jackets,event wear,running,cycling,triathlon,rowing,socks.....
Regarding to our strengths,I make a simple conclusion below so that you can grasp more quickly:
1.We can make low MOQ,for sublimated products as t-shirt,polo,hoodies and all other regular items,Basically 100 pcs is okay.Oftentimes to support our clients,mixed or attached order is also available even 50pcs or less!
2.We are flexible for shipping timeline,99% delivery on time.
3.We are committ to our promise and focus on products quality and service.It is very important to do long-term business,so we have very stable clients and long cooperation for 13 years,10 years,8 years, 5 years....
4.Our merchandisers-team are well trained by managers who can guide and audit their work so that the service always keeps good and matches our prices and products.They follow into every step of whole progress to make sure products quality and on-time delivery.
5.We help our clients to source some products which are less profit,Just to make handing fee sometimes such as caps,hats,gloves,masks and so many stuff,We have the staff who is reponsible for this related purchasing.We only choose the best factory which can be controlled by us.
6.For all kinds of regular hang tags,scanning bar code,packaging boxes&bags....,all can be customized by us.
7.In the past so many years,we have accumulated rich experience and mature workflow which can accurately suggest our customers to hit business trends meanwhile help them to avoid various risks to save cents.
Normally north America, Europe and Australia are our main markets(up to 80%) where we especially good at these markets.So let our experiences help you!
8.We have our own designer who can suggest and work out artwork according to clients' original draft even simple inspirations with their logo.You can get one-to-one customization here.
9.For new potential customers,we can ship some free samples to show you our items quality and workmanship firstly just need a little shipping fee.
10.We have qualification as BSCI,OEKO-TEX,SGS etc. and the partners we have worked with are DIOZ,DHL,DSA Australia,Nike, Adidas,Carrefour,...and all kinds of sports&event clubs.

Besides above,we also have another important priority:we always conduct new research,fresh trendy fabric and new design for our customer to make them a highlight in the market!

Today i'm just going to recommend a NEW recycled SORONA fabric to you!
Could  you imagine a fabric that can reduce oil consumption,lower greenhouse gas emissions and combine the advantages of  nylon, polyester, cotton and spandex to realize all kinds of infinite possibilities? 

2021SS Winsuntex new Sorona series i will tell you can fulfill every need you can imagine.It's very popular in using for our sports wear now.

一,Fabric features

1.The plant base material is sustainable 

The new sorona fabric is a plant-based renewable raw material with 37% of the core composition comes from starch and glucose extracted from plants that can be regrown every year.Compared to nylon 6, producing the same amount of sorona fabric reduces energy consumption by 37% and greenhouse gas emissions by 63%.

2. Durable resilience

Due to the special small spring structure of yarn, the fabric itself has more durable and strong elastic.It is a very special point to solve the problem of yarn breakage caused by the aging of spandex repeatedly wearing, and at the same time, it is not easy to deform and maintain a good shape always.

It's 2.5 times softer than regular polyester and feels like soft cotton.
HKSJ073-2QDA  Cotton ammonia-free spandex fabric (anti-bacterial and Cooldry)


3.It has the function of moisture absorption and sweat quick drying.

Addtionally the small spring structure of the fiber itself makes it appear in the cross section of snow and forms grooves between fibers. Such grooves are easier to absorb sweat, dry quickly, breathe naturally and improve the feeling of wearing.


4. The hand temperature ironing and Multiple features and certification. 

二,Fabrics are used in daily life

A T-shirt is durable that can be washed 50 times without deformation. It has a comfortable hand-touching.

A wind coat that can be ironed just by hand is suitable for casual folding for travel. When touched by hand, the clothes will recover smooth as before. 

It also can be used in sports or daily leisure wearing or other occasions,and keep dry anytime and anywhere.

Each piece of clothes made from this fabric will have a tag marked "SORONA".
There are a lot of colours and patterns of fabric for your choice.You can choose your favorite one as you like.
A very brilliant point that needs to be emphasized here again is that this kind of recycled fabric is very light, moisture absorption and sweat, antibacterial,breathable and quick dry.It can make you feel quite comfortable and easeful while outdoor exercise especially
in current hot days.What could make you feel better than the perfect dress?
If you are an online store seller on Amazon,Ebay,shopify,lazada...,this is just the right supplier you are looking for.High qulity competitive price is attractive and many of our customers order and reorder for their store summer sales.

Let the outdoors life as what you want.We are always here for you!
___________________________________  THE  END_______________________________________

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