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Talking after 30-days Internship

chapter one
Bizarre is a professional sports apparel & accessories manufacturer based in inland China. We specialize in Sportswear (Active wear/Running/Triathlon /Events) for ladies and mens for multiple sports stores and department groups, We target customers for sports apparel brands, events, B2B, functional promotional wear, teams and clubs.
The encounter of a person's life is incredible and unpredictable, just like the intern never expected to come, just like Bizarre Company never expected to accept.

chapter two
It was the first time that the intern stepped into a place that was really called a "company".
Even though she had already stepped on the spot the day before, she still arrived more than half an hour early on the day of official report.
Sad news, the office hasn't open yet.
The stupid and stubborn intern stood at the end of the corridor on the 18th floor, trying to pretend to be bored. So she took out her phone and starts to recite vocabularies, just as if she really has such kind of study schedule.
The wind of 18th floor is strong and cool, 100% attached benefits, which can clear ones mind.
The first arriver is a girl who looked rather young. "She seemed even younger than me" , thought the intern.
The girl opened the door for her and showed her a brief tour of the company. That was a very nice and kind girl, and in the first three or five days, that girl was the only one she dared to communicate with.
Later she found out that the girl was the same age as her.
She feel a little frustrated.
In this way, the intern's internship life began in a calm and uneasy manner. In the first ten days, she still couldn't help but arrive half an hour earlier, and then stood at the door of the company and recited words.
She is new here and basically knows nothing. Although the company's main business overlaps a little bit with her major, it is actually far from it. She can only do whatever job she can.
One interesting thing is that the intern's computer has the training materials of the previous staff member who worked here. She was like an explorer who had discovered some treasure. When she had no other job, she dug up that treasure.
She probably thinks that's probably what she will do for the next month.
But I still have to say that fate is really an elusive thing.
In the last few days of the first ten days, the interns got a turning point in an unexpected event.
chapter three
Here's the thing.
One morning, while chatting before going to work, the accountant praised another colleague's skirt, and the intern listened with pricked ears.
"Your dress today is also pretty."
"You can post it on the company's public account, what's the title... something like 'Office Outfit'?"
"Does our company have a public account?"
The intern interjected for the first time in such small talk.
The accountant turned her head around, "Yeah, I'm really worried. I have to post four articles a month, and I don't even have a clue what I'm going to post this month."
“I can write, please let me write!"The intern blurted out with a sudden inspiration.
"Can you write them? That would be great."She was greatly relieved, and the intern was very happy.
So in that morning, the intern got the manager authority of the company's public account.
Fate, so interesting it is.
She immediately threw herself into a brand new assignment full of energy. She flipped through every tweet on the public account in the past, and simply drew up a few simple topics. A definite premonition suddenly surged in her heart, and she might be able to use this opportunity to do something she had wanted to try for a long time.
She decided to do what she wanted to do first among the bunch of topics.
She prepared a character interview with the girl who opened the door to her in the first place. Because she dared not ask other people, while that girl was so gentle and kind.
The first interview went smoothly beyond her imagination. She secretly made up her mind that this is a good excuse, and she might just use it to chat with the boss.
In addition to her timidity, the young girl also had an uncontrollable curiosity about everyone in the company, and the boss was of course the first to bear the brunt.
The intern made a plan, and she decided to knock on the door of the boss's office the week she was going to leave. I don't know how she came up with such a bold idea, maybe it's because of the friendly atmosphere of the company. It didn't seem like it took her much courage to make this decision.
But things backfired, she still knocked on that door ahead of time for some other things.
And it took almost all of her courage to get into that door.
What’s more, the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes—maybe it was the boss’s test for her, or maybe it was just another fate—she had brought forward the plan of interviewing the boss, on the afternoon that she walked into the boss’s office.
The second interview was not a huge success, at least in her opinion. After all, it is really lack of preparation, it is not serious enough. But she learned from it that not everything will wait until you are ready, and not everything will have a regret-free outcome.
Regret is an eternal proposition in our lives. It is one thing to know, another to understand, and another to comprehend.
This is what happened in the second ten days. She conducted the second character interview with Cindy, Bizarre's boss. In this ten-day period, she also discovered many things. The colleagues are actually very active and interesting, and the boss is actually easy-going most of the time, so there is no need to be scared to stop breathing.
In the second ten days, she began to prepare the company's afternoon tea at four o'clock every day with the girl who opened the door for her, and began to join in the conversation during the afternoon tea chat.
Most importantly, she started to arrive at work ten minutes before work every day - I am consoled with this -  finally she learned some "essence" of the true spirit of working as a worker.
chapter four
After finishing the interview with Cindy, the boss said to her, why not try to make a video for the next interviewee´╝č
The intern may benefit from this simple guidance for life.
She had a lot of ideas, and trying to be a video blogger was one of them. But this girl has always been a person who thinks more and does less, maybe timid, maybe lazy, maybe both. She wrote down a lot of ideas on paper, and then discarded them. None of them became reality.
Moreover, there is a problem, a very fatal problem - she dare not speak in front of the camera.
But Cindy's words gave her a new idea. If there are two people in the picture, then she is talking to an actual person, not to the audience behind the camera. Isn't this problem that has troubled her for a long time solved?
So the intern took the first video of herself appearing in the camera in her life.
The accountant is a funny and lovely person. Talking to her made the intern feel very unrestrained. She didn't feel the invisible pressure of facing the boss at all. She was so relaxed and happy that she completely ignored the existence of the camera.
But here I need to defend the boss, she is not that scary actually. I think that girl is not so much afraid of Cindy, as she is afraid of the identity of "boss".
All in all, thankfully, after nearly a full week of video and interview script editing, the intern got this sorted out.
The moment she pressed the timed send button, she felt a sense of joy—she had completed a complete creation, and in this vast and empty world, she had a definite connection with one thing.
She thanked her boss for giving her a gentle push, just like what the boss said in that interview, what you can gain at work is all up to you, and what you get is all your own, and no one can take it away.
Now that this short month is coming to an end, she inevitably feels a little bit reluctant in her heart. It was a really good place, and she didn't know if all the companies in the world were like this, maybe most of them weren't.
One day, while chatting in the office, the girls on the first floor were discussing how to take home the books on the company's bookshelf—because the company is about to move, probably at the beginning of next month.
The accountant said that when she arrived at the new office in the future, she would set up a reading corner.
"That will be awesome! " The intern nodded frantically.
"What are you happy about? You won’t be able to see it in the future."
"I am happy for my future colleagues!"
chapter five
"Looking at the River City from the 18th Floor", this is the name of the first topic selected by the intern. She originally wanted to write about the daily life of the office, but the character interview series cut the line. Now that she was leaving, she thought of this topic again, and felt that it was a good fate which echod the beginning and the end.
River City is a very good place. Her father brought the intern here once when she was very young, and again when she was an adult.
The highest place she has been here should be the top floor of the Yellow Crane Tower. When looking down from there, the Yangtze River is wide and vast, and freighters pass by. You can even see five Yangtze River Bridges across it from the left and right.
But now on the 18th floor, her workplace is facing the floor-to-ceiling windows. When she looks down, the traffic on the southern line of the Second Ring Road is coming and going, and the blood of the city flows in it.
Looking far away, isn't it the so-called "Watching the sky at dawn and watching the clouds at dusk"?

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