Infusing Fresh Blood: Welcoming Gen Z Colleagues to Our Company

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Author : Kris
Update time : 2023-10-26 14:23:18
In this interview, the prelude is as follows:
During the National Day holiday, one day, I was indulging in a feast at home. I glanced at my phone and suddenly noticed a new profile picture in the workgroup!
So I quickly reached out to KiKi, the kind and beautiful soul I had interviewed earlier, and shared my weekend wish with her (I thought almost everyone couldn't escape the misfortunes of seven consecutive days) and the good news she brought about a weekend break (turns out some people can indeed escape it).
Okay, back to the main topic. The case is solved. It turns out our company has really hired a new team member!! ...Born in 2002, making herself the youngest member of our company.
Indeed, how times have changed! I was surprised and decided to let this new team member interrupt my interview schedule, which led to today's piece — the younger generation in the office, the post-2000s generation.
The following is the interview transcript:
Hello, Donna. I'm Kristina. Nice to meet you for the first time. I hope you don't mind that I reached out to KiKi to learn a little bit about you in advance. However, could you please provide a brief self-introduction?
Donna: Well, first of all, my name is Donna, and currently, I work as a personal assistant. I previously interned in a company for over three months, where I was an international trade assistant.
You're really impressive. Can you tell me how you found out about our company, Bizarre Sports, through what channel?
Donna: I learned about it during the campus recruitment. Bizan came to our school to introduce their company, and at that time, I felt that the company had a great atmosphere.
Donna: Also, when I was listening to the introduction, I felt that the boss was very capable. Additionally, the person who was introducing the company mentioned that the company mainly hires girls. This aspect was particularly great and appealing to me.
Haha! After I joined the company, I found out that it's indeed all girls.
Donna: Haha, that's right!
Next question, when did you officially join the company?
Donna: I joined on the 25th of last month, and then there was the National Day holiday, so I only had five days of actual work after joining.
So what was your biggest impression after working for these 5 days? Haha, or do you find any particularly interesting parts in your work? Any particularly frustrating parts are also okay.
Donna: There weren't any particularly terrible or exciting moments. I just felt like every day was very busy, the kind of busy where you can't stop, and I didn't have time to think about whether this was enjoyable or not, frustrating or not. My mind was just focused on getting the work done as quickly as possible.
Yes, that's right. This state is actually very real because these months are the peak season. When I first joined the company, I had relatively more free time. What left a deep impression on me is that we always have lots of delicious snacks for afternoon tea every day.
Donna: Yes, that's true. I was quite surprised that we have time for afternoon tea here. The previous two companies I worked for didn't have afternoon tea breaks, and we basically worked all day. Oh, and I also have a vivid memory of how they play music in the afternoon.
In two more weeks, you'll be even more familiar with everyone, and you can create your own playlist. Now, onto the next question. How was your overall experience during the interview process, and what are your thoughts on our boss, Cindy?
Donna: Well... Cindy is quite interesting, she has this sense of humor even when being serious. After joining the company, I found out that she truly is this way. She's also a very decisive and strong leader.
That‘s right~ So, during the interview, did you feel particularly nervous or anything like that?
Donna: No, I didn't feel nervous during the interview. The interview process at CompareLikes was quite different from other interviews I've had. In other interviews, they usually ask very specific, professional knowledge questions. But with Cindy, it started with a personality test. Through that test, she seemed to understand my mindset very well. Every word she said during the interview felt like a perfect match to me.
Next question, because you've worked at other companies before, what made you want to switch to a new company?
Donna: Because at that place, I was doing very simple and tedious work every day. There was hardly any room for significant improvement, and it was challenging to get promoted or receive a pay raise.
Alright, onto the next question. Let me be a little bold and ask, how many companies did you send your resume to when you left your previous job to look for a new one?
Donna: I only applied to this one.
Ah? Wow, I'm really surprised by that.
Donna: Yeah, I went all in, hahaha.
Going all in and still getting the offer means you really have a strong connection with our company, and your impression of it must be quite positive.
Donna: Yes, at the time, Cindy asked me, considering other factors aside, what's the percentage of you joining our company? I said 90%.
Yes, of course. The last question is, do you have anything you'd like to say to future new employees, or perhaps words of encouragement for yourself?
Donna: Encouragement wise, the future holds promise.
Haha, sure, it would be interesting to see how things change in a year. (This interview was conducted on October 11, 2023)
Donna: If I haven't dropped dead by then, I should still be going strong. (Just kidding!)
Then I wish you good health. Thank you for taking the time, and have a happy weekend! Our interview concludes here!
Donna: Thank you, bye~
So, one year from now, what will our youngest newcomer look like? Let's wait and see.
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