Moving Commemoration

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Wuhan Bizarre Sports Company was born in this city in 2009, and now in 2023, counting the fingers, this way or sunny, or wind and rain, has already gone through 14 years. 
Persisted in the three-year difficult period of the epidemic, and was in the city that was controlled for the longest time.
But no matter what, Bizarre is still on the road and is about to embark on a brand new journey.
The "company" is an existence outside the subject of consciousness, it is silent, it witnesses.
If we gave it a persona, how would it tell its own story?
Former than “Before”
The story of the old days is already too long to tell in detail, I'm afraid you don't want to hear it.
But I'm going to tell you in general, you, dear you, who are coming or have been with me for a ride, I'm going to tell you something, about me.
My name is Bizarre.
Why this name, I will explain to you in the future. If we are destined enough, you will understand it all.
Since it's a long story, I'll try to keep it short. After all, I want to save more space for our future stories.
I came here in 2009, when the office was about fifty square feet.For nearly half a year, the company had only one employee—the only boss and the only employee.You may know a thing or two about the process of creating me by Cindy in this article(Cindy:“我的人生不将就”), but the hard work that went into it is difficult for others to understand.
As a company, in fact, no matter who we are, we have and should have a desire to move forward.There is a simple fact that "desire" is the inner motivation that drives us to keep going, wakes us up from the dullness of life, and gives us strength when we are struggling.
Take it for what it's worth, whether I'm a platitude or a teacher. If you become one of me in the future, you will understand. If you are just a passer-by on the sidewalk, I wish that you too will find your desire soon.
My aspirations are not complicated, I seek to improve, to develop, and to always be on the road.
And one day in the future, I could become the best foreign trade company, and the people who work here every day will form an indomitable excellent team.
But a vague vision is not of practical significance, every goal needs an exact name to really be accomplished.
So I gave this goal a name - the "Five Year Mission".
The first phase - 2009.10-2013.10
"First Five", my initial stage. As mentioned earlier, in that fifty-square-meter office, I stayed there for five years.
The second phase - 2013.10-2017.8
"Second five", I changed offices, a much bigger place, over a hundred square feet. It's less than five years this time around, but I'm counting it as five years.
The third phase - 2017.8-2023.8
"Third Five", new office, a very cute double-story commercial LOFT. Boss Cindy likes to raise flowers, under the bar is full of flowers and plants she raised.
You look at the time, eh, August? But isn't it August right now?
Yes, I'm telling you - a new five years is about to begin and we're going to witness it together!
It's this month, just in this month.
Later than “Future”
This is where I'll be moving to, a 37-story Class A office building with two hundred square feet of office space.
You see, my wish is becoming a reality step by step, isn't it?
It's not far away from the original location, 706 meters in a straight line. There are a lot of other good alternatives, but ultimately passed. Because if the location is moved too far away, it may not be convenient for many employees to go to work.
Cindy personally chose the layout and décor of the new office, as well as the supporting infrastructure. She chose the best model of direct drinking water machine within the applicable range, and all the infrastructures are almost in accordance with the boss‘s own standard of use.
The new office is downstairs with stores, coffee shops, restaurants and convenience stores, and the office building has its own staff rest floor. Two avenues, two elevated highways and two subways, the traffic runs through the north and the south, "go to work and shopping, go home after work" will become part of the employees' daily routine
"Work hard and live happily." That's how Cindy said.
I sincerely hope that my partners who are traveling together with me can feel the real development during the “Five Year Mission”. 
I'm looking forward to witnessing my next five years with you.
For fourteen years, people have come and gone, and I have gone from here to there, thanking everyone who has been and looking forward to everyone who is coming.
The past is not gone, the future is here.
My name is Bizarre.
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