The First Mid-year Summary in the New Office.

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Author : Kris
Update time : 2023-10-26 14:19:15
In the busy work process of the new week, we held this year's mid-year summary meeting.
In the past six months, many things have happened, but the most important is undoubtedly our relocation to the new office. A brand new journey of five years is about to begin. I won't go into too much detail here, but if you're interested in learning more, feel free to click on "Five Years and Another Five Years - Moving Commemoration."
The process of moving is undoubtedly quite strenuous, with box after box of belongings being loaded onto a truck, one truckload after another.
In early August in Wuhan, it's the hottest period of the "San Fu" days. Now, the hottest days have passed, but it's still the scorching days of July. However, despite the challenges of moving, no one will complain about the hardships, because we understand that behind this effort lies a whole new set of expectations.
When we embark on something with great anticipation, who would hold onto complaints about hardships? Isn't this precisely the essence of our work?
Accompanied by a song “让我们荡起双桨”, our mid-year summary meeting began gradually. This event continued until 9:30 in the evening before finally concluding.
Highlight 1 - Boss's Interpretation of Cognitive Awakening
Cindy: When we talk about cognitive awakening, it's not effective for others to unilaterally impart it to you. The key lies in your reception of what others provide you, resulting in spontaneous intrinsic motivation. Once this intrinsic factor emerges, your behavior undergoes a transformation, leading to positive feedback in your brain. If a person's cognition remains unchanged, always assuming their own correctness, it's like the ball drawn on a whiteboard that just keeps colliding with other balls. If your cognition doesn't awaken, your way of thinking will never change. This is what we refer to as cognitive rigidity.
Highlight 2 - Boss's Commentary Moments
During this mid-year summary meeting, following the tradition, each team member gave their speech and conducted a PPT presentation. The boss also provided detailed and targeted feedback for each one.
To Rachel
Cindy: When one person manages another, they become a leader. One person, one mindset; ten people, ten mindsets – there's a lot to oversee. Managing just oneself is the easiest. Rachel is a humble, sensitive person, and I am a rational person. Her sensitivity combined with my rationality forms our team.
I feel there's not much more to say about Rachel because she has already done her best within her capabilities. Every year, there's progress and growth; every day, she approaches work with seriousness, and every moment is dedicated to living life earnestly.
To Candice
Cindy: Candice's presentation logic is very clear. She can provide concise summaries of her experiences that others can reference and share.
Shows immense potential and is progressing and growing at a remarkably fast pace.
A cascade of clever remarks, full of humor. True humor arises when we don't consider money as the sole measure of our happiness. Equally important are the nurturing influences of a wonderful childhood and a supportive family.
Possesses a great spirit of innovation. While others might follow suit later, you were at least the first one to think of doing this.
Able to strike a balance between people and tasks.
Not restless, able to settle down and work diligently with a focused mindset.
People need emotional nourishment to travel far along the path of work, to have enough energy to sustain their journey forward. This is crucial.
To Julie
Cindy: One challenge for Julie might be her relatively limited worldly experience, and there could be some issues in her communication with others. My suggestion is, if you want to excel in this job, you must have the courage to let go, the courage to expose and present yourself, to bring hidden issues into the sunlight. This way, you can make progress.
In fact, a crucial concept in our work is that we're not here to learn knowledge; we should approach it with a problem-solving mentality. We should arrive at conclusions after solving issues, so that we can tackle the next problem, rather than trying to figure out what knowledge to acquire just to solve a problem. This is undoubtedly a case of putting the cart before the horse.
To Tracy
Cindy: She brings a glimmer of light into dull lives; she's a very optimistic person. Fearless like a brave person, with a positive mindset. At her age, having such a mindset, I think she surpasses many. But at the same time, a potential downside might be being overly lively.
After all, we are in a collective work environment, and some people might not enjoy a bustling atmosphere. This is a point that requires balance.
In the rules of the mid-career workplace, I believe the first one is to step out of your comfort zone, something I think Tracy is working on. Second is to stay vigilant even in stable situations, to always be aware. Third is to establish boundaries while respecting others' boundaries. I think by following these, significant improvements can be achieved.
To Kiki
Cindy: When Kiki first arrived, she was so anxious and helpless, like an injured little bird. Everyone refrained from being harsh with her and wanted to protect her. She did fairly well in her follow-up tasks, but why didn't I continue to assign this to her? It's because follow-up is actually quite a stressful job. Every interaction needs to be timely, there's an element of urgency involved. If a client's email says they need a response today, then it must be provided today.
Her personality matches well with Aster's; both possess strong execution capabilities. Perhaps one day in the future, she could take over Aster's responsibilities.
In fact, the department formed by her and Aster is like the "provisions" in the saying "provisions before troops." Therefore, others should also support their work and not perceive their department as dispensable.
Lastly, I hope you can rid yourself of anxiety and helplessness, and eventually find your sense of security within the company.
To Mana
Cindy: Mana is someone with strong perseverance, and it's precisely her determination that has impressed me. She has consistently made progress within her scope of understanding, and any areas where progress hasn't been made might be beyond that scope. I believe what you need now is to establish your own confidence and possess a strong mindset.
You all still have valuable youth, plenty of time, and the opportunity to accomplish many things. But how to make this period of time meaningful and valuable, to not squander your youth, is a very important question.
To Kris
Cindy: Kris is someone with a highly innovative mindset. The defining trait of innovative thinking is being unbounded, as creativity cannot flourish when restricted. You have many new ideas; for example, your work on social medias has been quite impressive. But you've also mentioned wanting more progress, wanting to gain experience in the follow-up department. I think this idea is also very good.
Having someone to guide you is always better than having none, especially considering that everything we do is for the sake of our work.
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