The meaning of "比赞(Bi Zan)

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"Bizarre Sports" is my name, to be precise, in Chinese, "比赞(Bi Zan)" is my name. Friends who have been following me should know about this matter.
This name, what does it actually mean? I searched through my past records carefully and found that no one has actually explained it??
It's not good indeed. I should come forward and tell the story behind my name. A name needs a backstory to be memorable and enjoyable, much like every time someone asks you for self-introduction. I recall there was once a person surnamed Li who introduced themselves in this way: "A child was sleeping under a tree, and that child is me." The phrase "wood beneath has offspring" means like "Li" in Chinese, leaving a lasting impression.
According to "common sense" — the common sense of interpreting based on the literal meaning — "比赞" (Bizan) definitely holds a meaning far beyond simply giving a thumbs-up.
"比" is a pictographic character. It originates from "二匕," with "匕" also indicating its pronunciation. In oracle bone script, its shape resembles two people walking side by side in sync, shoulder to shoulder. It shares the same form as the character "从" (to follow), only with the direction reversed. Shuo Wen Jie Zi explains: "When two people are followers, reversing '从' becomes '比'."
The character "比" contains various meanings, but in my name, it mainly captures two senses. Firstly, it signifies two people accompanying and walking together, embodying the concept of moving forward hand in hand. Secondly, it represents a comparison, implying a strive for progress and competition.
"赞" is a compound ideogram. It follows the pronunciation of "則旰切" (the initial consonant of "則" combined with the final consonant of "旰"), pronounced as "zan." "Shuo Wen Jie Zi" explains: "To see, to perceive. Derived from components 貝 (shell) and 兟 (a phonetic component)." Xu Xuan commented: "兟 (shen), pronounced as 'shen,' means to advance."
In simpler terms, when the character "先" is doubled, it signifies the courage to be a pioneer, embodying the spirit of advancing boldly. The repetition of the character represents a strong emphasis. The character "贝" beneath it symbolizes wealth, as it was originally derived from the concept of currency in ancient texts, representing prosperity.
It's also explained as: "To assist and help achieve, allowing even the subtle to be recognized, thus it's explained as '明' (bright)." In simpler terms, "赞" implies brightness and guidance, similar to the meaning of the character "襄" (to aid), signifying assistance and support.
Combining the meanings from the previous text, the combination of "比赞" suggests the notion of advancing together, daring to take the lead, and subsequently reaping the rewards of wealth. This precisely embodies the spirit of Wuhan Bizan, emphasizing that with effort comes reward.
And it seems that there is a hidden destiny at play, as if the meaning of the name also secretly assists. When the company name was registered initially, there weren't many obstacles encountered—it went smoothly and was approved quickly.
Indeed, when we talk about "企业" (enterprise) in Chinese, its English equivalent is "enterprise," which encompasses both the idea of an organization and the spirit of taking initiative. It's not merely a translation of two separate meanings; "企" means to seek or strive, and "业" refers to accomplishments or endeavors. This concept inherently embodies the spirit of progress and advancement.
The two characters "比赞" carry a spirited name regardless of whether you interpret them literally. You could perhaps simplify it as "比赞比赞" - being more praiseworthy than anyone else.
Absolutely, it completely aligns with the enterprising spirit of an enterprise.
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