Weekly meetings bathed in a ray of sunshine

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As we entered the late October, there finally came a hint of autumn in the air. When you opened the window in the morning, a gust of cold air would give you a little shiver. Or during your early morning jog, you'd carefully consider and decide to wear long-sleeved sportswear.
Phew, well, it's time. Before heading out your front door, you cast a quick glance in the mirror. The sun is rising, and the window sill is bathed in a thin layer of golden mist. Maybe you had breakfast at home today, or perhaps you're planning to grab something from the breakfast shop downstairs at the office.
You've stepped out.
You're a Bizarre Sports Company employee, or to put it in Cindy(our boss)'s preferred term, a "partner." As you enter this door, cross the lobby, and take the elevator to the ninth floor - this building is where you work.
"Ah, good morning!"
"Good morning!"
You like to arrive early, or you prefer to be right on time. The only difference is whether you greet your colleagues inside the office or at the entrance. Of course, you can choose not to do it because it's not a strict rule; just follow your own preference.
After a little while, Cindy will arrive.
So you hear her familiar greeting, "Good morning, folks."
You look up from your busy work and reply, "Good morning!"
The office is always so full of camaraderie. When you encounter problems, there are many seniors willing to help you, teaching you the nuances and techniques of the job. Such as how to pick a color number from the Pantone color card, how to create spreadsheets, how to handle urgent issues, and countless other things. You are also eager to learn.
Cnadice taught Donna to read color numbers
After lunch, you lean on your desk or lie back in your chair. The lunch break lasts for thirty minutes. You turn off the office lights, and the daylight from the floor-to-ceiling window surrounds you. The warmth of having just eaten fills your stomach. You make the most of these thirty minutes to recharge for the afternoon.
Sometimes, you skip your lunch break to prioritize client meetings. You use your lunch break to respond to client emails.
Tracy who is still answering customer emails during lunch break
You mentioned that one thing you particularly enjoy about each workday is after your lunch break, you turn on the office stereo, play music, and then continue working.
"Whose turn is it today?"
"Anyone can play it."
"Can I apply to play my playlist? I haven't done it before."
"Sure, go ahead."
Work! Of course, the most significant part is the work you do every day, which may seem repetitive but requires a great deal of patience and attention to detail.
Perhaps, after a while, as you become more skilled, you'll say that the most enjoyable part of the job is interacting with the customers. You'll find them adorable, and you'll also receive plenty of encouraging praise and recognition from them.
Of course, you're a employee of Bizarre Sports Company, and you're a professional.
You diligently check the accounts, review customer samples, organize clothing samples, discuss and confirm the details of the samples, and participate in weekly business meetings...
Careful accounting KiKi
Carefully check the customer's proofing mana
Take care of the sample Kris
Discuss sample details
Check the samples with Rachel and Cindy
Weekly meetings bathed in sunshine
This is your job, repeating details over and over, finding joy in the accumulated details over the years, much like the old man selling oil, skilled through practice alone.
At four o'clock, what delightful surprise afternoon tea will you bring out this time? Just wait for KiKi to call out, "It's time for afternoon tea, everyone!", and the mystery will be revealed.
You noticed the seven-color rainbow light refracted by the sun at the corner of the table before the meeting this week. Afterward, the large swathes of evening sun poured in from the meeting room's windows, adding another beautiful semicolon to your day's work.
Why not a period?
Because you've been on the road.
Taking your work seriously, doing a simple task well, that's the meaning of spending a day in the office. You're not wasting time, then time won't wear you down.
Keep it up! To all the Bizarre Sports Company partners who work diligently and enjoy life.
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