Celebrating Innovation in Sportswear: Our Journey to the Melbourne Expo Begins!

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Author : Kris
Update time : 2023-11-22 14:40:43
Looking forward, looking forward, Friday has arrived, and the weekend is approaching. On this beloved Friday, another group of people is about to embark on an exciting journey.
Here is the freshly delivered (emergency update) this week's express delivery.
Highlight 1
The routine afternoon tea suddenly became super luxurious and doubled in extravagance. What's the reason behind this sudden change?
Highlight 2
A box weighing 40 kilograms? Let me reveal the mystery for you.
【Time: 2023/11/15, Wednesday, 16:25】
Who are 'they'? Taking off? Where are they flying to?
Don't worry, let me answer each question for you.
This Saturday, our general manager, Ms. Cindy, will embark on a journey to Australia along with Rachel, the head of the order department, and Aster, the assistant to the general manager. As previously announced in November, they will be in Australia for an exhibition. Stay tuned for updates! During the next two weeks of their trip, they will be involved in exhibition activities, customer visits, and other related matters.
So, the answer is revealed! This super deluxe afternoon tea was a small farewell ceremony, wishing them all the best on their journey!
This week, Chief Assistant Aster undertook a hectic packing project. After organizing posters, samples, and exhibition materials, the weight of a box of items reached 40 kilograms!
Salute, pay tribute to her work.
Here is an exclusive report bringing you the individual feelings of three ladies before their departure.
Hmm... What emotions are they feeling? It seems like they are a bit nervous, with a lot on their plate. There's a sense of anticipation to meet clients, explore a new country, and the hope to secure many orders.
It feels like the sensation of taking an unfamiliar exam—excitement mixed with restraint. The scenario approaching is something I hadn't considered before, reminiscent of the anticipation and unease before confessing feelings to a crush during adolescence.
Family and colleagues have provided the utmost support, so I can focus on my work with peace of mind.
For me, having participated in numerous trips, going abroad is no longer a novelty. There isn't much excitement for me; it's more about ensuring that everything is done well.
Then, I hope everything at home goes smoothly, and everyone takes care of their respective responsibilities. Since the three of us are participating in the exhibition, someone needs to share the tasks left behind. Everyone's efforts are valued. While we strive outside, those remaining at home are also working hard. Let's coordinate well and support each other.
Finally, I hope to smoothly board the plane and have a safe landing. I suffer from acrophobia, so flying is a painful experience for me. It's the biggest challenge for me during every business trip. Everyone has to face and overcome things they are not good at.
With all the preparations done beforehand, I just need to follow the plan step by step. Having worked so hard to prepare, we are sure to reap the rewards.
Regarding my emotions, for one, this isn't my first time going to Australia. The excitement and joy that come with a first-time experience are not as pronounced this time. My purpose is clear, and I know exactly what I am going there to accomplish.
Well, as for the long flight of over ten hours, I'm not worried. In fact, I quite enjoy being able to sleep directly on the plane.
Furthermore, the second point is that I don't have to worry about the language barrier upon arrival because both of them can speak English. I just hope to handle my responsibilities well, including arranging accommodation and meals for them.
If they become overwhelmed while receiving clients, I also hope to lend a hand, and it's a good opportunity for me to practice my speaking and listening skills. Overall, my mindset is much more mature compared to the first time I went.
Finally, in all the years I've been with the company, I hope that every business trip, whether for exhibitions or client visits, will result in bringing back more achievements. The better the company performs, with more orders, the higher the bonuses and commissions for the team members by the end of the year. Naturally, this encourages them to stay with our team. So, just like Rachel, I hope to secure more deals. At the same time, I also wish for our team to provide better service to our clients.
Indeed, our relationship with clients is akin to mutually beneficial friendships. While we assist them, they, in turn, help us. Just as we serve the company, the company creates value for us. We, the company, and the clients form an integrated whole, creating value for each other. By addressing clients' needs, as the company prospers, our lives are filled with more possibilities and expectations.
The above is the complete content of this week's express delivery. The three ladies are about to embark on their journey. Wishing them smooth sailing and a safe journey, and hoping for fruitful results!
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