Navigating Success: Inside the New Employee Orientation Assessment Meeting

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Author : Kris
Update time : 2023-11-16 11:29:42
Starting from this week, the "Express of the Week" series is officially launched! This column will be updated irregularly, documenting the interesting work stories and updates of the Bizan partners. Stay tuned for more updates!
This week, even in the busy season of business, everyone's work is proceeding smoothly!
Next is the content of this week's express delivery—
Highlight 1
This Wednesday, the routine work and business meeting was held. This time, it was chaired by Candice, who has outstanding work capabilities.
Candice, also known as "Little Candy" among colleagues, is not just known for her excellent work abilities. If you happen to be her WeChat friend, you'll discover that her life is full of color and variety through her moments. It seems like only children make choices, but Candice wants it all – work, poetry, and exploring the distant horizons!
Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with this highly capable and life-loving young lady next week!
Highlight 2
Following that, Donna, who has been with us for a solid two months since joining, presented her work report and theoretical assessment this Thursday.
Upon receiving the news, our editor promptly reached out to the lovely and kind Donna for an exclusive interview. After some persuasion (which may or may not have involved a bit of begging), we are pleased to present the exclusive report!
K: Donna, how did the assessment go today? Any thoughts or feelings after the test?
D: Wow, you're quite well-informed.
K: Well, that's true. I'm the one responsible for reporting all the little tidbits in our company~
D: Impressive.
D: ...and I failed the theoretical part of the exam today.
K: Wow... Oh, a moment of silence for that.
D: It was just 0.5 points short!!!
K: Well, since that's the case, let's get back on track. First question, what are your post-assessment thoughts for this evaluation?
D: Well, let's get serious for a moment.
K: Sure, go ahead.
D: Through this assessment, I've realized my shortcomings. I lack proficiency in garment-related vocabulary. Currently, I'm involved in various fragmented tasks like creating PI, handling order details, generating invoices, packing lists, and dealing with shipping marks. These tasks are quite specific, and I realize that I lack a holistic view, an understanding of the overall workflow. So, there's room for improvement in comprehending the entire process.
K: Alright. (That was a very serious answer.) So, onto the next question. Today, we'll keep it brief—just three questions! Not a single one more!
D: You better hurry up with the questions; I'm eager to play games—.— (This conversation took place around 10 PM.)
K: Ah, okay, okay. Second question! After two months on the job, do you feel any significant changes compared to the first month?
D: Compared to the first month, I'm definitely more adept now, though not to the point of complete ease! It's not as chaotic as the first month, and I've become more proficient in tasks like making orders. Facing order forms now feels like an old acquaintance, but not exactly a beloved one! I used to be quite afraid of dealing with orders, but now it's more of a "familiarity breeds contempt" situation. After this, I might encounter more challenging tasks, so I need to be prepared and overcome them continuously!
K: Okay, third question! What are your thoughts on missing 0.5 points this time with tears, and how long do you expect to reattempt and pass? (This question is a bit harsh, isn't it?)
D: I estimated that I might fail in two questions. Those two questions weren't memorized very well, but in the spirit of an arts student never leaving a test paper blank, I wrote something based on my thoughts, hoping to gain some points. There was another question that I had memorized, but it seemed like I missed something. I didn't express that point clearly; I omitted a few words, resulting in a different meaning for the sentence. I can only say that losing those points isn't unfair, but it's painful! I absolutely won't let this situation happen again next time, though I really want to say that. After setting a flag, I always end up with a slap in the face, so I can only say I'll try my best next time!
K: Ah, that's truly an adorable response~ So, best of luck next time!
D: Thank you, and good luck with your writing too! (With a not very kind smile)
K: Uh, thanks... Thank you! I'll work hard!
Alright, the exclusive report for this time concludes here!
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